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I really enjoy teaching pottery at the West Suffolk College in Bury St Edmunds,  Suffolk.  There are both day and evening classes available.  The classes cover Beginners, Intermediate, Mixed abilities and Workshop classes.  I really enjoy sharing my knowledge and find my students incredibly inspiring.  I have been blessed to have such enthusiastic, joyful classes full of happy students.  Classes run from September to June each year (3 terms of 6 or 10 weeks).  Classes have recently filled quickly therefore I would recommend you book early to avoid disappointment.  They also make excellent presents for that someone in your life that would like to get creative and mucky!

Potter's Wheel

A potter's wheel is a machine used in shaping the clay into a vessel, this is known at 'throwing a pot'. The wheel may also be used during the process of trimming the excess body from partially dried ware, this is known as 'turning'. 


This is a hand-building method using coils (sausages of clay) rolled by the potter to make the walls of the vessel.  Large vessels can be achieved with this method and items can both bulge out and narrow inwards depending on where the coil is placed.

Slab Making

Slab making is another hand-building technique which involves rolling clay out to an even thickness.  This can then be manipulated into many different projects.

Pinching by Hand

A very simple form of hand-building with clay.  This method has been used since ancient times. Simple clay vessels such as bowls and cups can be formed and shaped by hand.  The method is a  pinching process in which the clay walls are thinned by pinching them between the thumb and forefinger.  This method is also known as a thumb pot.

The college is very well equiped with a studio solely for the use of pottery, three electric wheels and two large electric kilns. Lessons include the teaching of all handbuilding techniques, wheel work, glazing, the use of texture and plaster moulds (although not slip casting as we are studio potters).  Learn to make pottery in a friendly, relaxed enviroment.   You can contact me for more information or enrol on Eventbrite.

One to one teaching at Bramley Cottage

1-1 teaching,  special occasions small team events or pairs or people wanting to try something new are available at my studio at Bramley Cottage.

Depending on individual's needs tuition covers

  • wheel work (I have two potter's wheels for 1-1 teaching or for couples)
  • hand-building techniques
  • surface decoration
  • glaze mixing and glaze application

or I can cover and lesson plan discussed with you and what you want to achieve.

Prices start at £25 per person per hour this will include firing of work.

Available for various abilities from complete beginner to more advanced levels

Contact me for more information or to book on 07581 362829 or via

email handmadeatbramleycottage@btinternet.com

During the summer months there will be raku sessions (please keep in touch for dates). 

Gift vouchers available for loved ones who wish to try something new or master the techniques.