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Handmade at Bramley Cottage
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Face Pots


My little facepots were first created when I thought it would be funny to make a pot that looked like my husband for his birthday and put a plant in it for his hair.  Friends saw it and liked it and it all started from there.  Each facepot is unique, no two has the same features or colours.  Each one has his or her own name which is not duplicated (I have a little book with all the names in).  On the back of the facepot there is a ceramic tag with the name on.  I love making these little guys they are fun to do and somehow each one takes on a personality of their own. Pop a plant in for your facepot’s hair available in various sizes.
I really love to see how they are getting on in their new adopted homes so if you want to send me a photograph I would love to see.
Libbi Hutchence
email address:  handmadeatbramleycottage@btinternet.com
Mobile telephone number: 07581 362829

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