Weaving and me - Handmade at Bramley cottage

Handmade at Bramley Cottage
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Weaving and me

All About Libbi
Why I love to weave?
Again, it is the use of natural materials and the slowed pace of weaving that is almost meditative to me.
I love the use of colours and enjoy the fact that unlike pottery the results are pretty instant, no waiting for the kiln the cool.  I enjoy surrounding myself with colours as I believe colours enhance our lives.  Life is too short to wear black!
I am inspired by the colours that are all around me from the beautiful Norfolk beaches to the glorious countryside that surrounds our home.   I make things that I would love to wear and own.
Libbi Hutchence
email address:  handmadeatbramleycottage@btinternet.com
Mobile telephone number: 07581 362829

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